TrueVPN comes with built-in AdBlocker.
If you have enabled the built in AdBlocker and you still seeing Ads, This can be caused by one of the following cases.

  • AdBlocker is not Enabled
  • Filters are not loaded
  • Misconfiguration of AdBlocker
  • iOS Restrictions

How to solve the issue?

  1. Make sure that AdBlocker is turned on
  2. Make sure that AdBlocker has at least one filter enabled
  3. Make sure to Enable AdBlocker’s extension and configuring AdBlocker correctly

Why I Still Seeing Ads On YouTube?

If your AdBlocker is running and you still seeing Ads on Apps like YouTube, Please keep in mind that AdBlocker won’t work on Apps due to Apple’s iOS Restrictions

How to solve this?

If you want to Block ads on services like YouTube, Please use Safari to watch videos (AdFree) on Safari, Not within the App.

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