TrueDome is a cybersecurity defense system developed by TrueVPN to protect users from interceptions using Deep Packet Inspection and other cyber threads.

The internet should be open to everyone. TrueDome® is a feature that allows you to use TrueVPN in restrictive regions with no issues over a military-grade encryption.

Normally, TrueDome® mode will turn on automatically whenever needed. However, you can turn it on manually as well. For instance, If you live in a country which VPN connectivity is blocked, You can turn on TrueDome® to bypass blocking.

Enable or Disable TrueDome

You can enable or disable TrueDome by following these steps :-

  1. Open TrueVPN
  2. Go to Options > VPN & Network
  3. Enable TrueDome.

Note that TrueDome® requires a paid subscription


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