As TrueVPN focuses on security and privacy, it focuses also on productivity.

TrueVPN offers more than one Widget to help users do things faster and easier.

What is Widgets?

widget is an extension that displays a small amount of timely, useful information or app-specific functionality.
For example, the News widget shows top headlines. Calendar provides two widgets, one that shows today’s events and one that shows what’s up next.

Available Widgets for TrueVPN

1. TrueVPN Click-to-Connect Widget

This widget is designed for easy VPN connectivity, so users can connect to a VPN by just one Tap!

Need help about How to turn it on? Tap here

2. TrueVPN Firewall Widget

This widget is designed for controlling your Firewall more easier.

Need help about how to turn it on or off? Tap here

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