TrueVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN provider with ultrafast VPN server which provide secure and fast connectivity.
Since we decided to make our TrueVPN app ad-free so we can provide the best experience to our users, We also provide a Premium Subscription to our users.

What is TrueVPN Premium?

TrueVPN premium is a subscription plan designed for Pros and Gamers and users who wants Full Privacy with ultrafast connectivity.

Why to Upgrade to Premium?

Once you decide to upgrade to TrueVPN premium, You’ll get the following features

  • Get rid of Ads!
  • Premium Geolocated VPN Servers
  • Ultrafast Connectivity
  • Especially-made VPN Servers for Streaming & Gaming Services
  • Enhanced AdBlocker with Premium Filters
  • Enhanced Rules for AdBlocker
  • OneClick to Connect using TrueVPN Widget
  • Instant Connect On Demand
  • Ability to control and change VPN’s connection protocols
  • Ability to Add & Manage custom VPN servers
  • Ability to Add & Manage VPNs for work-stations
  • Ability to Add Custom Rules for Domains related to VPN On-demand

How to Upgrade to Premium?

You can easily upgrade your account to Premium on iOS devices by following these steps.

  1. Open TrueVPN App
  2. Login to your TrueVPN account
  3. Goto TrueVPN’s Settings by Clicking on your profile picture.
  4. From Account Section, Click on your Email Address
  5. On Subscription Section, Click Upgrade

Alternative Method to Upgrade

  • Login to your TrueVPN Account
  • Click (Upgrade) at the bottom of the App.

TrueVPN Premium Subscriptions

TrueVPN have three renewable subscriptions to get your account upgraded to premium.

  • Weekly Premium
  • Monthly Premium
  • Yearly Premium

TrueVPN Premium Trial

Of course you can try TrueVPN’s premium subscription for FREE.
We’re pleased to offer 3-days free trial on some platforms such as iOS

To get 3-days trial you should follow the following steps:

  • Open TrueVPN
  • Login to your account or create an account.
  • Follow the above instructions to upgrade your account.
  • When the upgrade UI appears, tap on (Free Trial)

Please note: You can request for 3-days trial onetime only per device.


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